Tuesday, October 6, 2015

[Scam]CoinBooster 2.500 satoshi every 60 minutes

CoinBooster is another faucet with the same script of the latest fail SkyBtc but this one has a different admin.
The website is working and at the moment also the free level is really awesome, in fact you can earn 2.500 satoshi every 60 minutes.
Upgrades can be found on the website and it's up to you if invest or stay with the free level.

How to earn with CoinBooster?
1)Create a new account(email and btc address needed);
2)Look your satoshi growning or just close the site and check it again after 60 minutes;
3)Claim your satoshi and then repeat from point 2);

You will be able to request a payment after you collected 50.000 satoshi and you will receive it pretty instantly on your wallet(a fee of 5.000 satoshi will be deducted from the balance when you request the payment).

Try https://pocketdice.io/?r=5e56650ff1 :)


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