Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TheGreatB currently 3.000 satoshi every 60 minutes

 UPDATE: after first days the price of tickets went down a lot, the site is pretty bugged and i didn't receive any payment yet so at the moment this faucet is a mystery and not reccommended anymore.

TheGreatB is a pretty new faucet with variable rewards, in fact you don't earn immediatly satoshi but tickets that will be converted into satoshi once a day.

Currently it's possible to get 10 tickets every 60 minutes and the actual rate is 1 ticket= 300 satoshi= 3.000 satoshi every 60 minutes.

Since the value of 1 ticket is variable i will just take note of the last days so we can have an avarage value.

1st day: 1 ticket = 300 satoshi
2nd day: 1 ticket= 300 satoshi
3rd day: 1 ticket= 37 satoshi

Payments are sent directly to the wallet's address twice a week and i didn't find any min threshold but could be around 10.000 or 20.000 satoshi.

The site is pretty clean and claim is easy.


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