Thursday, October 29, 2015

ClaimBTC a new unique faucet

So i'm using ClaimBTC for a while now but i added it on the blog just today because it's quite unique.

At the first look it's a normal faucet with 20 minutes waiting time between claims and normal/low rewards that goes from 200 to 500 satoshi.

The unique feature of it is that with each claim you have a chance to drop also different types of bonuses that can increase significantly your earnings.
Bonuses aren't a sure drop and also you can stack them in the inventory and use all of them for a massive boost when you decide to do it(don't wait too much because after some days they will disappear...didn't find after how many).

This is just a small example of some bonuses that make the faucet pretty unique:

My suggestion is to use the "drop bonuses" after each drop because they last for 24 hours and can help you to drop other things and after you have few of "claim faster bonuses" to use all other so you have a massive boost for 30minutes/1 hour and you can also claim after 5-6 minutes for example.

The faucet also require a bit of more effort than common faucets but it's pretty fun and you can earn a nice amount if you use it often.

Payments can be requested after you reached 20000 satoshi on your account and they are sent directly to your wallet(already tested and working perfectly).

Payment proofs 



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