Slow Faucets

In the following list you will find all faucets that i'm actually using and that have a long waiting time between each claim(more than 60 minutes).

All these faucets require minimal work since you will not go there every 5 minutes but they still can give you a nice amount of coins since the minimal rewards, for each, will be 1.000 satoshi or more.

If a faucet is "Dry" it will still stay in the list for a few days until i decide that, probably, it won't refill the balance anymore.

[Firefox Addon]Skipping some "anti-bot" links( by Let's get crypto!)

As bots continue to target faucets, various faucet owners have taken steps to prevent them including the use of 'anti-bot' buttons which must be clicked before the form can be submitted. These buttons serve no legitimate purpose, and do not prevent bots from making a claim
To save you from pointlessly clicking on links that do nothing, we have developed a browser addon which allows you to submit a form by right-clicking on an input field and selecting 'Submit Form' from the context menu. This will work on any faucet where you have completed both the captcha and address field.
To use it, first follow these steps to prevent faucets from blocking your ability to use right-click. Then install the easySubmit addon to allow submitting forms from the context menu.
Then, on any faucet where you have entered your wallet address and completed the captcha, you can simply right-click the address field and select 'Submit Form' to compete your claim

If you have any problem with a faucet feel free to ask with a comment below the list.

Faucet Claim Time Min reward Max Reward Wallet Payment Status
The BIG Earner Faucet 420min 2.150 25.000 FaucetBOX Instant Working
Safe Bitcoin 430min 2.300 25.000 FaucetBOX Instant Working
BTC 4 ME 430min 1.055 1.055 FaucetBOX Instant Working
Get Free Bitcoins 440min 2.400 25.000 FaucetBOX Instant Working
MyBestBitcoin 480min 1.050 1.050 FaucetBOX Instant Working
Bitcoin Catcher 540min 1.100 3.500 FaucetBOX Instant Working
Blue-Faucet 800min 7500 1.500 FaucetBOX Instant Working
Blue Satoshi 800min 1.000 1.000 FaucetBOX Instant Working
RazerCrypt 800min 1.000 1.000 FaucetBOX Instant Working
XChange Faucet 1.440min 1.000 8.000 FaucetBOX Instant Working

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