Sunday, November 15, 2015

Project on Break

Just a short post to say that the little project of this small blog will take a break, since in a few days i'll go away from home for a new job and i don't have any clue on how it will be(how much free time i will have, internet availability, etc) and checking faucets and updating the lists isn't really fun from the smartphone.
I will still try to update it if it will be possibile but don't expect too much new faucets and daily updates.

Pocket Dice

Like gambling? But you don't want to waste your own money? Pocket Dice is for you.

Pocket dice, in fact, allows us to get free satoshi every 60 minutes(or less if you upgrade the faucet or you get nice daily bonuses) that we can use to try our luck with dices.

The site is pretty simple but if you have any question feel free to ask and i'll try to answer them.

Link: Pocket Dice

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bitcoin's Price

Bitcoin's price is still skyrocketting and we are already at 480$ while 1-2 weeks ago it was around 250$ or less.
Due to this, rewards from faucets will be a lot lower than few days/weeks ago and since the price is still increasing/decreasing a lot every day and faucets chaing their rewards don't expect too much exact values on the blog too.
I will try to update lists at least few times a day but the main issue is that i can't put an exact value for min requirments on some lists.
When the price will become more stable i will decide new requirments for them, until that just enjoy new faucets if you see any on whatever list it is.

Monday, November 2, 2015

FaucetBOX payments could be delayed

Just a info-post for faucetBOX users from one of their staffer.

We're forced to move to new data center sooner that we expected. No payouts will be done in this time. We'll send all pending withdrawals after successful migration. Also you may experience decreased performance and random failed requests. We're really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.
It has already started an hour ago and if everything goes right, it should end tomorrow evening. But there's quite good chance that something will go wrong, so even 2-3 days without transactions are possible.
Just to clarify: API /send requests will mostly work, altough they may be slower than usual. What won't work for a day or two are blockchain withdrawal transactions to users.

So don't worry if you don't see any transaction in the next few days.
Of course you can still claim from faucets like usual.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

ClaimBTC a new unique faucet

So i'm using ClaimBTC for a while now but i added it on the blog just today because it's quite unique.

At the first look it's a normal faucet with 20 minutes waiting time between claims and normal/low rewards that goes from 200 to 500 satoshi.

The unique feature of it is that with each claim you have a chance to drop also different types of bonuses that can increase significantly your earnings.
Bonuses aren't a sure drop and also you can stack them in the inventory and use all of them for a massive boost when you decide to do it(don't wait too much because after some days they will disappear...didn't find after how many).

This is just a small example of some bonuses that make the faucet pretty unique:

My suggestion is to use the "drop bonuses" after each drop because they last for 24 hours and can help you to drop other things and after you have few of "claim faster bonuses" to use all other so you have a massive boost for 30minutes/1 hour and you can also claim after 5-6 minutes for example.

The faucet also require a bit of more effort than common faucets but it's pretty fun and you can earn a nice amount if you use it often.

Payments can be requested after you reached 20000 satoshi on your account and they are sent directly to your wallet(already tested and working perfectly).

Payment proofs 


Wednesday, October 28, 2015


If you have used the faucet(it was here a few days...sorry for that) and installed their Chrome extension, please remove it.

The extension replaces the referring address in faucet links with their own addresses, and in this way for each claim that you made with the extension installed you gave them referral earnings also if you found a new faucet on mine blog or you found it on faucetBOX list or other rotators/lists on the web.

These 2 are addresses that i got magically while i was claiming in the last days....they made 1btc in more or less 3 days.

Take Bitcoin with another promotion 1.000 satoshi every 15 minutes

Take Bitcoin is running another promotion and for the next 24 hours you will get 1000 satoshi every 15 minutes with "workers".

Other jobs have normal rates.

LinkTake Bitcoin Faucet

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

FreedomBitcoin another faucet to check your luck

Here we go with another faucet that will test your luck.

Claims are possible every 60 minutes and rewards are sent instantly to faucetBOX.

Possible rewards are:

100.000(less than 0.1%)
1.000.000(less than 0.1%)
10.000.000(less than 0.1%)

I know that only the first reward has high chances but i love faucets that allows you to hope for a really big reward and that's why i will use it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Coinbooster officially SCAM

Coinbooster is now officially scam.

I invested 16m and got 13m and it was pretty clear it will become scam when they added all those new levels and promotions since they were too much good to be true.

Hopefully none lost too much but these are risks when you invest in such things.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

zzBitcoin 1300+ satoshi every 60 minutes

zzBitcoin is a pretty new faucet with awesome rewards.

1300 (60%), 1500 (20%), 2000 (10%), 3000 (10%)

Claims every 60 minutes.

Payments on FaucetBOX.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

AquaBitcoin 500+ satoshi every hour

AquaBitcoin is a new faucet from the admin of GreenBitcoin and until the end of October(the end of the event could change) is running with a pretty nice rewards.

Actual rewards are 800 900 1.000 1.100 1200 1.300 2.000 200.000 every 60 minutes.

Payments are sent instantly on faucetBOX.


Bitcoin Zebra with double rewards event

I know that Bitcoin Zebra is one of the most famous faucet so i won't make a review or something like that but if someone is not aware of it there is an event ongoing for 24 hours(15/10/2015) with double rewards and you will get every 60 minutes 2.000/4.000/6.000 satoshi.

LINKBitcoin Zebra

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TheGreatB currently 3.000 satoshi every 60 minutes

 UPDATE: after first days the price of tickets went down a lot, the site is pretty bugged and i didn't receive any payment yet so at the moment this faucet is a mystery and not reccommended anymore.

TheGreatB is a pretty new faucet with variable rewards, in fact you don't earn immediatly satoshi but tickets that will be converted into satoshi once a day.

Currently it's possible to get 10 tickets every 60 minutes and the actual rate is 1 ticket= 300 satoshi= 3.000 satoshi every 60 minutes.

Since the value of 1 ticket is variable i will just take note of the last days so we can have an avarage value.

1st day: 1 ticket = 300 satoshi
2nd day: 1 ticket= 300 satoshi
3rd day: 1 ticket= 37 satoshi

Payments are sent directly to the wallet's address twice a week and i didn't find any min threshold but could be around 10.000 or 20.000 satoshi.

The site is pretty clean and claim is easy.


Yourfaucet 900 satoshi every 10 minutes

Yourfaucet is a really new faucet(rofl) where we can get 900 satoshi every 10 minutes.

Reward is sent instantly on faucetbox and claim is easy.

Yourfaucet is part of a family of FAST FAUCETS where you can claim ever 3-5 minutes usually and earn a lot when they run promotions (mostly of the time they give away 250 satoshi every 5 minutes but often it's 500 or more).


Monday, October 12, 2015

Take Bitcoin Faucet - 1.000 satoshi every 15 minutes

Promotion Ended

Take Bitcoin Faucet is a pretty old faucet, already reviewed on Faucet Games but i'm making another post because there is a pretty good promotion ongoing.

Take Bitcoin is not a common faucet where you have to solve a captcha and then claim a reward but it's a bit different and maybe also less boring.

In this faucet you can choose among different jobs and each of them have unique features.

WORKER: when you choose to be a worker you can work when you want and you earn 500 1000 satoshi every 15 minutes.
You have to claim the salary after 15 minutes and then you can choose to continue as worker or try to see if there are other vacancies available.

MANAGER: limited spots available(a new spot is available after 25 new workers appear or  after another manager is dismissed). Earnings are huge in fact you will earn 1.5003.000 satoshi every 30 minutes but to continue to be a manager you have to work at least 30 times a day and that means that you have to take your salary often(24 hours = max of 48 salaries available but of course that's something impossibile since humans have also to sleep and do other things :D). Since you have to work only 30 times it means that you have 10 hours free when you don't have to do anything while for others 14 hours you have to take the salary once every 30 minutes. It seems pretty hard but take in mind that you can do it also with a smartphone and that it requires a minute or less every 30 minutes so it's doable also if it's not super easy.

DIRECTOR: another job with limited spots and also a lot harder than manager(never tried it so i'll just describe it but can't judge personally).
A new spot is available after 10 new directors or when another director is dismissed.
Earnings are awesome in fact you will earn 2.0003.000 satoshi every 15 minutes but conditions to continue to be a director are pretty tough and you will have to work at least 80 times a day(24 hours a day means you have 96 salaries available and to continue to be a director you can miss only 16 of them aka 4 hours free D:). Like i said before i never tried to be a director so i can't confirm if conditions are really those or if they have a wrong description on the site(happens a lot of times with their advices etc since things weren't always the same since the begining and some informations are just outdated). Still if you're lucky enough to find a free director's spot take it because also if you can't fulfill the requirements for the next day you still can earn a lot  for 24 hours.

CLEANER: similar to worker it's a free job available everytime and it's reccommended to people that want to earn more than a worker but with more efforts too.
You will earn 200300 satoshi every 5 minutes but that means of course that you have to claim salaries more often than a worker.

The site is paying and here you can check my withdrawals(i know they are not really updated but i use it only with active promotions since i prefer normal faucets :D)

If you have any question feel free to ask in the comments :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

[Android App] Claim Bitcoin, an android faucet

In the past week of my experience with bitcoin i saw a lot of apps that are giving satoshis with a "game-system" but never found a "faucet-app" and Claim Bitcoin is exactly that: a normal faucet but for android.

The app is pretty clean and after each claim you will see the usual ads that you see in other apps too.

Rates are not bad at all and you can get 500 satoshi every 30 minutes.

Payments on sunday after 10.000 satoshi. I didn't get any payment yet but it's just the first week of the app and there is a payment proof on the owner's blog that you can check HERE.

You can download the app from the playstore:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

[Not recomended anymore]Free1Bitcoin - Check your luck

Free1Bitcoin is an awesome faucet to check our luck.

Some things changed since i posted this for the first time and now rewards are:

  • 50000 satoshi (0.98%)
  • 20000 satoshi (0.98%)
  • 10000 satoshi (0.98%)
  • 7500 satoshi (0.98%)
  • 5000 satoshi (0.98%)
  • 2500 satoshi (0.98%)
  • 1500 satoshi (0.98%)
  • 1000 satoshi (2.94%)
  • 750 satoshi (3.92%)
  • 500 satoshi (8.82%)
  • 250 satoshi (19.61%)
  • 100 satoshi (57.84%)

We can claim once every 120 minutes.
Rewards sent to faucetBOX.

Good luck!!!

Link: Free1Bitcoin

[Scam]CoinBooster 2.500 satoshi every 60 minutes

CoinBooster is another faucet with the same script of the latest fail SkyBtc but this one has a different admin.
The website is working and at the moment also the free level is really awesome, in fact you can earn 2.500 satoshi every 60 minutes.
Upgrades can be found on the website and it's up to you if invest or stay with the free level.

How to earn with CoinBooster?
1)Create a new account(email and btc address needed);
2)Look your satoshi growning or just close the site and check it again after 60 minutes;
3)Claim your satoshi and then repeat from point 2);

You will be able to request a payment after you collected 50.000 satoshi and you will receive it pretty instantly on your wallet(a fee of 5.000 satoshi will be deducted from the balance when you request the payment).

Try :)