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In this section you will find some faucets that works like a game and instead of just "insert your address, solve the captcha and claim" they require more work but they are also less boring.
Rewards could be good or bad but if you like how the game/faucet works then you shouldn't care about rewards.
There will be also just few of sites since i can't play hundreds of game at the same time.

All infos about each game can be found on their website.

Chopcoin.io(awesome game)
Massively-multiplayer online gambling game Chopcoin.io

Monster Coin Game

Wonderland Coin

Take Bitcoin Faucet
This is not a real game but still it's a bit different from other faucets.
Firstly, you have to register an account HERE
Secondly, you have to choose a job and then you can start to earn satoshis.
WORKER: 500 satoshis every 15 minutes
MANAGER: 1.500 satoshis every 30 minutes
DIRECTOR: 2.000 satoshis every 15 minutes
CLEANER: 200 satoshis every 5 minutes
Worker and cleaner can be taken whenever you want, while manager and director have limited spots and if you want to do one of those two you have to check vacancy page and hope to be lucky enough to find a free spot. Also when you get one of those 2 you have to work x times a day if you want to stay manager or director.

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