Monday, October 12, 2015

Take Bitcoin Faucet - 1.000 satoshi every 15 minutes

Promotion Ended

Take Bitcoin Faucet is a pretty old faucet, already reviewed on Faucet Games but i'm making another post because there is a pretty good promotion ongoing.

Take Bitcoin is not a common faucet where you have to solve a captcha and then claim a reward but it's a bit different and maybe also less boring.

In this faucet you can choose among different jobs and each of them have unique features.

WORKER: when you choose to be a worker you can work when you want and you earn 500 1000 satoshi every 15 minutes.
You have to claim the salary after 15 minutes and then you can choose to continue as worker or try to see if there are other vacancies available.

MANAGER: limited spots available(a new spot is available after 25 new workers appear or  after another manager is dismissed). Earnings are huge in fact you will earn 1.5003.000 satoshi every 30 minutes but to continue to be a manager you have to work at least 30 times a day and that means that you have to take your salary often(24 hours = max of 48 salaries available but of course that's something impossibile since humans have also to sleep and do other things :D). Since you have to work only 30 times it means that you have 10 hours free when you don't have to do anything while for others 14 hours you have to take the salary once every 30 minutes. It seems pretty hard but take in mind that you can do it also with a smartphone and that it requires a minute or less every 30 minutes so it's doable also if it's not super easy.

DIRECTOR: another job with limited spots and also a lot harder than manager(never tried it so i'll just describe it but can't judge personally).
A new spot is available after 10 new directors or when another director is dismissed.
Earnings are awesome in fact you will earn 2.0003.000 satoshi every 15 minutes but conditions to continue to be a director are pretty tough and you will have to work at least 80 times a day(24 hours a day means you have 96 salaries available and to continue to be a director you can miss only 16 of them aka 4 hours free D:). Like i said before i never tried to be a director so i can't confirm if conditions are really those or if they have a wrong description on the site(happens a lot of times with their advices etc since things weren't always the same since the begining and some informations are just outdated). Still if you're lucky enough to find a free director's spot take it because also if you can't fulfill the requirements for the next day you still can earn a lot  for 24 hours.

CLEANER: similar to worker it's a free job available everytime and it's reccommended to people that want to earn more than a worker but with more efforts too.
You will earn 200300 satoshi every 5 minutes but that means of course that you have to claim salaries more often than a worker.

The site is paying and here you can check my withdrawals(i know they are not really updated but i use it only with active promotions since i prefer normal faucets :D)

If you have any question feel free to ask in the comments :)


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