Top Faucets


In this list you will find the best faucets that i'm using at the moment. It's a mix of good earnings, good stability and good claim times.

If a faucet is "Dry" it will stay in the list for a few days until i decide that, probably, it won't refill the balance anymore.

New faucets could go dry easily since i'm also testing them. Also take in mind that the list is not real time updated but i try to do my best to update it at least once a day.

If you have any problem with a faucet feel free to ask with a comment below the list.

Some faucets have different rates for different countries and the rates on mine lists are for Italy.

Faucet Claim Time Min reward Max Reward Wallet Payment Status
CoinOOF 20min 1.299 129.990 Direct Instant Testing
Bonus Bitcoin 15min ??? 5.000 Direct Instant Working
The Great B 60min variable (currently 1.800) variable (currently 1.800) Direct Up to 48 hours Working
Green Satoshi 20min 1.650 2.000 FaucetBOX Instant Working(need firefox addon)
BTC Boom 3min 700 700 FaucetBOX Instant Working
ClaimBTC 20min(variable 186(variable) 467(variable) Direct Instant Working
BTC Country 60min 1.200 1.600 Direct 7-10 days
after request
Tim's Faucet 60min 960 960 FaucetBOX Instant Working
Bitcoin Zebra 60min 800 3.000 Direct/XAPO Weekend/Instant Working
Moon Bitcoin 5min 724
(after 60 minutes)
/ Direct/XAPO Weekend/Instant Working 60min 610 61.601.932 Direct Weekly Working

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